Unlike other forms of private investment, venture brings significant human capital to bear in the form of acting as a strategic advisor to the entrepreneur and working together to form a winning strategy. At Greenspring Associates, we are committed to leveraging our human capital alongside our financial capital to effect powerful enterprise capital via our dedicated Portfolio Impact program.  

Since leading Xometry's Series D financing in in 2019, we have made a series of introductions for the benefit of the on-demand manufacturing marketplace, including $24 million in prospective customer leads, C-Suite candidate Jim Rallo, who has since assumed the role of CFO, $10 million in customer orders for PPE through our robust network of hospital systems and strategic investor connections for their recent $75 million crossover round. 

Join General Partner Hunter Somerville for a conversation with Randy Altschuler, the company's Founder and CEO.

In this interview you will learn:

1. How to pronounce Xometry

2. How Randy pivoted to being an entrepreneur after stints in banking and politics

3. How the company was launched to bring technology to the gigantic, $250 billion manufacturing industry to make it a more efficient and better process for both buyers and sellers

4. Why Xometry sought venture capital investment and how to pick the right partner

5. The challenges of shifting the manufacturing industry's mindset to accepting a digital experience without sacrificing quality, and the role of manufacturing in the U.S. economy

6. Xometry's vision of being a one-stop shop for the customer and the best way for small manufacturers to do business 

7. How Randy has worked to maintain a culture of innovation and entrepreneurialism through all stages of growth 

8. How Xometry is not only offsetting carbon emissions from their own shipping but also allowing customers to offset carbon emissions from their manufacturing projects at the time of purchase  

9. Randy's view of the entrepreneurial and manufacturing ecosystems in Maryland and how Xometry is creating jobs not only within its organization but among the manufacturers it serves

10. How Xometry is helping America during the pandemic, from manufacturing PPE and ventilators to helping small businesses emerge and survive

About Xometry

Founded in 2013 and based in Gaithersburg, Maryland, Xometry is a marketplace that provides customers of all sizes with access to high-quality manufacturers for custom parts. The Company’s instant quoting platform and large network of machine shops has helped transform custom manufacturing across industries including aerospace, automotive, consumer and healthcare. Now customers like BMW, GE, Dell, Bosch and NASA can source critical component parts with lower lead times from a wide array of suppliers. Simultaneously, manufacturers in the Xometry network benefit from a broader potential customer base and the ability to more efficiently bid on applicable projects.

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