At Greenspring we believe in venture capital's ability to propel innovation, job creation and positive societal change. We celebrate those who think differently, take measured risk and challenge perceptions. Here's what's trending in VC this week: 

Portfolio News:

  • "With history watching, now is the moment for our industry to step up." Gabe Kleinman of Greenspring primary manager Obvious Ventures shares his perspectives on how the venture industry should embrace its roots and begin to once again fund transformative & world-changing companies in this great read. 
  • E-commerce platform Lolli, which gives shoppers bitcoin rewards for online purchases at one of Lolli's partner stores, has raised $3 million in seed financing with participation from Greenspring primary manager Craft Ventures.
  • We are thrilled to share that we recently joined the British Private Equity and Venture Capital Association, which serves as the industry body and public policy advocate for the private equity and venture capital industry in the United Kingdom. Read more about the BVCA here.
  • Lilt, an AI-powered language service platform that helps enterprises translate business content across multiple languages, has raised $25 million in recent financing with participation from Greenspring primary manager Redpoint
  • Byron Deeter, Partner at Greenspring primary manager Bessemer Venture Partners, discusses why now is the seminal time for cloud, his approach to building relationships between founders and investors, his perspectives on companies staying private longer and more in this episode of The Full Ratchet podcast.
  • FortressIQ, which leverages AI and computer vision to help businesses uncover automation and internal processes that could be improved, has raised $30 million in Series B financing with participation from Greenspring primary manager Lightspeed Venture Partners.
  • Check out this exciting first look at Greenspring direct investment Rocket Lab's new hyperCurie engine, which will be used to propel the Photon Lunar, a satellite bus being developed to carry payloads to the Moon, Mars and beyond! 
  • Stockholm-based fintech platform Anyfin, which aims to improve financial well-being by leveraging AI and public consumer data to help consumers competitively refinance loans and credit cards, has raised $30 million in Series B financing with participation from Greenspring primary manager Accel.
  • Expel, a security-as-a-service platform that provides large organizations the automation tools needed to provide high quality security without needing to hire more security employees, has raised $50 million in Series D financing with participation from Greenspring primary manager Scale Venture Partners.
  • Immunai, a biotech company that leverages single-cell biology and AI to map the entire immune system to better understand how patients will respond to new treatments, has raised $20 million in seed financing co-led by Greenspring primary manager TLV Partners
  • Clear Labs, which provides automated food safety platforms to manufacturers, has raised $18 million in recent financing with participation from Greenspring primary managers Wing and Felicis Ventures. Read more here on how Clear Labs aims to expand to the clinical market to help with accurate COVID-19 testing.

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