#VCforGood COVID Blog GraphicsDuring this time of uncertainty and chaos, we at Greenspring Associates find it imperative to remember our mission and purpose so that we can concentrate on being the best partner to our Limited Partners, General Partners, portfolio companies and colleagues. While ultimately we are capitalists, focused on generating the best returns for our investors, our vision is to create a better world by financing the global innovation economy - never more reinforcing than in times like these, when things all around us seem to be falling apart. The startup economy, after all, is constructed around the American Dream and culturally lined with the idea that visionary entrepreneurs can create better economic and societal outcomes for all through innovation.

We have been very busy connecting with our various partners as they navigate their way through this extremely stressful and unprecedented environment. While, of course, there is a huge focus on cash flows, burn rates, revenues and the stability of the global economy more broadly, a lot of our conversations have centered around how we can all contribute to humanity amid this crisis, despite feeling rather powerless. While we can’t speak on behalf of our Limited Partners, General Partners or portfolio companies, we are struck by their collective concern for the gravity of their decisions with respect to their companies, consumers, employees, local communities and underlying investors. We applaud the compassion we see abounding in our community while everyone does their best to navigate the downturn and wanted to take a moment to acknowledge and celebrate some of the contributions our various constituents are making to pitch in.

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The Rockefeller University

Foundry Group

We consider it our privilege to partner with each of these entities as they energetically do their part to help during the pandemic. Stay tuned for more uplifting examples and follow our #VCforGood hashtag on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter feeds as we share the ongoing contributions of our community.

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