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While M&A represents the majority of venture capital exits at approximately 90%[1], Initial Public Offerings (“IPOs”) are a relatively small but ...

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Big Bad Tech (1)
September 18, 2019

Big (Bad?) Tech

As financiers of the innovation economy, we’re noticing that tech is getting a bad rap. From Washington’s crackdown on the tech giants through ...

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Dear Institutional Investor, are we ok_

Institutional Investor, are we ok? We’ve noticed some posts over the last year or so that suggest you’re, um, not that into us. Last August, you said ...

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The Shrinking Public Equity Market_ What Does It Mean for Venture Capital_

The number of listed companies in the U.S. has decreased substantially over the last 20+ years.[1] Given our vantage point in the world of venture ...

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Trending 2019

If we were tracking trending topics in the venture ecosystem in 2019, the recurrent themes would be dominated by unicorn IPOs and the viability of ...

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Venture Capitals Access Myth
February 26, 2019

Venture Capital's Access Myth

A myth at its core is a story to explain something complex. Over time, the story is broadly disseminated such that popular consciousness can, at ...

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