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January 22, 2019

On Culture & Gratitude

Twice a year, we at Greenspring Associates hold offsite meetings attended by all investment team members, from Managing General Partner to Intern, to ...

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PitchBook Should Stick to Data, a Response to a Recent Article (2)

Recently, we’ve observed a number of news outlets trying to vilify tech founders and venture investors as cold-blooded capitalists living in a ...

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Creating Alignment, The Deep Cuts

Classic albums often have a catchy single or two. These tracks generate the buzz, but oftentimes the B side of the album is where much of its ...

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As a firm that focuses on three distinct types of venture investment, we spend considerable time and energy contemplating how these categories are ...

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Venture Capital Today_ More Managers, More Complexity, More Opportunity

Success in the venture capital industry today is about both identification of and access to top performing venture capital firms. In the past, access ...

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AI & The Rise of Cognitive Collaboration

The robots are coming. If you believe the doomsdayers, robots and the related technologies of AI and automation will soon make millions of human ...

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