We are excited to announce the launch of Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained, a podcast about Limited Partners who think differently about allocating to venture. 

As a firm that serves as both a Limited Partner and a General Partner, we spend considerable time reflecting on the power and importance of our relationships and how these partnerships ultimately define us as an organization. With this podcast, we sit down with LPs to unpack what makes a strong GP/LP relationship, how they think about investing and portfolio construction, deal diligence, the macro environment and more. You can subscribe to our podcast wherever you to listen to your other favorite podcasts by searching for Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained.

In our inaugural episode, Greenspring General Partner Hunter Somerville sits down with Ryan Rathman and Travis Haney from the State of Michigan Department of Treasury Bureau of Investments, which acts as the investment fiduciary and custodian of all investments of the State of Michigan Retirement Systems. 

In this podcast we discuss:

1. How Ryan and Travis found their way to their roles at the State of Michigan Department of Treasury Bureau of Investments.

2. The pros and cons of working within a pension and the types of partnerships Michigan's team has built overs the years, including the importance of being patient capital. 

3. The state of Michigan's journey to venture investing and the impact they believe it has on the economy, job growth and generating impact more broadly. 

4. How Ryan and Travis approach co-investing on the venture and growth equity side and how they ensure they remain top of mind with their GPs to access great opportunities. 

5. The delineation between late-stage venture and growth equity - what do they really mean? 

And more! 


All views contained in this podcast are those of its participants and not the organizations they represent. 

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