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We are excited to announce the launch of Pairings, a podcast exploring the relationships that fuel innovation. 

As a firm that serves as both a Limited Partner and a General Partner, we spend considerable time reflecting on the power and importance of relationships and how they differentiate venture capital from any other asset class. In this podcast, we sit down with our valued GPs and portfolio companies to unpack what makes a strong partnership, what it means to run a modern VC firm, investing in the current era, the macro environment and more.

In our inaugural episode of Pairings, Greenspring General Partner Hunter Somerville sits down with Alex Doll and Mark Hatfield from Greenspring manager TenEleven Ventures, a specialized venture capital firm that invests exclusively in cybersecurity companies. 

In this podcast we discuss:

1. How Alex and Mark came together to form TenEleven Ventures in 2014 as the industry's first fund focused on cyber investing.

2. What to look for in a partner and how to build an enduring partnership while building an emerging VC firm.

3. The trials and tribulations of raising a first time fund in a vertical that had not seen a dedicated fund before. 

4. What makes TenEleven unique in its due diligence and investment decision process relative to other firms.

5. Why a specialization in cyber makes sense and how it impacts the way TenEleven invests in companies at varying lifecycle stages. 

And more! 


All views contained in this podcast are those of its participants and not the organizations they represent. 

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